5 Easy Ways To Boost Your HVM or PMR

5 Easy Ways To Boost Your HVM or PMR

Adding more variety is essentially the cherry on top when it comes to raw feeding… Both HVM (healthy variety mixes) and PMR (prey model raw) are great all-rounders, but we have some easy suggestions for how you can spice things up at dinnertime and boost the amount of nutrients you put in your dog’s bowl, too!

Here are our top 5 effortless additions for you to try for yourselves at home… Keep reading for some inspired bowl-boosting ideas:

Beef Lung

Beef lung is a lightweight meat that’s kind on the digestive tract - perfect for those fur babies that have a more sensitive stomach. It’s laden with vitamins and minerals, including essential amino and fatty acids, iron, and vitamins A, D, E, and B12. Woah… That’s a re-bark-able amount of goodness!

Chicken Feet 

Not only are chicken feet high in protein, but they also contain high amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are often found in supplements designed to treat arthritis and alleviate pain/ wear by repairing the damaged cartilage that cushions the joints.

Our air-dried (not cooked!) chicken feet are totally safe for your pooches to crunch as the tiny bones inside crumble making them the perfect, fully digestible treat.… All that chomping action helps keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy, too!


Some of you might already include eggs in your dog’s diet, but now would be a great time to start if you don't! Eggs are packed with amino acids, vitamins A & B12, iron, antioxidants, and biotin. What’s more? Your doggo can eat the entire thing (yes, even the shell!)

So for a couple of mealtimes per week, make those tails wag a little faster by cracking a fresh egg on top of your HVM or PMR mix to indulge your pup in a protein party!

Beef Liver 

Beef liver comes fully loaded with some punchy antioxidants that are too good to miss from your dog’s diet… This fur-real doggy superfood is rich in vitamins A, D & B, folic acid, iron, and minerals that support bone and joint health (don’t forget… liver shouldn’t exceed 5-10% of your dog’s overall diet).

If you’re still underestimating the paw-sitive effects that boosting your HVM or PMR with beef liver can have on your dog’s health, we’ve done some helpful comparisons between beef liver and ground beef for you…

Beef Liver vs. Ground Beef

  • 1200x more vitamin A
  • 16x more vitamin D
  • 23x more calcium
  • 6x more iron
  • 1/3 the amount of fat

*mic drop!*


This one’s a little fishy… Fresh sardines can be a gutsy option that always goes down swimmingly at dinnertime while adding lots of health benefits for your pup!

Sardines are brimming with all the amino and fatty acids your dog needs to be at their healthiest - supporting joint health, reducing itchiness on the skin, improving the appearance of their coat, and keeping their heart healthy. What’s not to love?!

And if you’ve got a budding leader of the pack on your hands, this one is ideal for you too! Introducing sardines into your puppy’s diet can help refine learning abilities, eye function, motor skills, and memory due to the DHA fatty acids found in this oily herring. Your fur baby will be top of puppy class in no time!

For pooches with hyper-sensitive tummies, fish can be a gentle way to enhance your pre-made mix as it’s one of the most easily digestible proteins you can get your paws on.

So there we have it…

Life can be busy. We get it! So we’re all about making things easy and convenient. Give these 5 simple ways to boost your HVM/PMR a try. After all, they’re all abundant with goodness and your canine companion will thank you for it!


Lauren Moncreaff

Great write up for ways to spice up our furry friend’s meals! We follow most of these recommendations for our 11.5 and 3.5 year old Goldens and their vet couldn’t be happier with their fitness and alertness. Our older guy can keep up with the younger boy and I feel it’s primarily due to their amazing diet. Thank you guys for making such a quality product. I’ll never feed kibble to any of my dogs every again. :-)

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