My dog is refusing their new food, what should I do?

  • Warm food on the stove, not the microwave
  • Add up to 30% Green Tripe
  • Stop mixing with kibble  – sugar and additives are addictive
  • Feed in a different bowl, different time and different place in the house
  • Try a different protein or blend

My pet has been sick, what should I do?

  • Make sure you are not mixing with processed foods
  • Take all supplements out of your pet's diet
  • How long has your pet been eating raw? The digestive enzymes may not be fully engaged yet if your pet is new to raw, give it 5 days
  • Try warming the food – cold food can cause regurgitation. If they do regurgitate, let them eat the regurgitated food
  • Is your pet on medications or antibiotics? These can cause stomach upset
  • Has your pet recently had a vaccine? These can cause adverse digestive reactions
  • Are there stressful situations like moving, a divorce, marriage or baby coming soon? Pets get stressed too
  • Does your pet eat too fast? – Try feeding in a slow feeder bowl
  • There could be too much fat in the blend. If you are feeding a blend that is over 13% fat, you may want to switch to a blend that is 10% fat. Dogs need fat in their diet. You can feed a higher fat blend, but make sure you also feed a lower fat blend 50% of the time as well.

My pet has runny stools, what should I do?

  • Are you feeding a blend with bone? Boneless blends cause loose stools if you are not giving additional raw meaty bones or duck feet, duck heads or consumable bones
  • Have you added more organs to the blends? Cut back on the organs
  • Are you giving dairy or supplements? Cut out both until stools are back to normal
  • Are you feeding too much tripe or treats? Cut back until stools are back to normal
  • Make sure you have a minimum of 10% ground bone in their diet.
  • If stools do not improve in 5-7 days on a new blend of raw with the appropriate amount of fat and bone, contact your vet.

My pet has hard stools, what should I do?

  • Add more organs or green tripe
  • Give less consumable bones

My Pet Isn’t Eating All the Food, what should I do?

  • The most common cause is over feeding or feeding the same protein for too long. Check our feeding chart and make sure you are feeding the appropriate amount per day/per meal. Decrease food slightly
  • Make sure your pup is not getting too many treats or dairy products
  • Make sure you are introducing new proteins to keep your pet interested and excited!

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