About Us

Top Dog Food & Supply is the exclusive distributor for Top Quality Dog Food in New England.

We were founded in 2020 and are based in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Our mission at Top Dog Food & Supply is to provide pet owners with the highest quality raw food that’s both affordable and accessible.

To make our mission a reality, we commit to giving you:

🦴 A fun and friendly website for you to experiment, engage in, and educate yourself when it comes to the positives of all things raw

🦴 Access to the highest quality raw food products

🦴  Pricing that makes it simple to get started with raw feeding and maintain as a permanent lifestyle change in the future

🦴  The choice and convenience of customizing how, when and where you want your order to be delivered

With wellbeing at the heart of everything we do, our goal is to help empower raw feeders to nurture healthy and happy dogs.

Our story started with Monty, our beloved chocolate Labrador...

Monty's Story

Meet Monty. He is our eldest chocolate Labrador, part dog part human, with a sensitive soul and a naturally keen obsession with playing “fetch.” He’s always loved his food, has been super active and is very intelligent. He is a big fan of swimming and finding big sticks and is an all-round good boy.

Summer 2014 – Monty was staying with friends while we flew to the UK to celebrate my daughter’s wedding. Our friends had always fed their dogs raw, so they treated Monty no differently on what soon became his very own doggy health retreat.

The reality was… Monty had been suffering with a skin condition that would leave sore dry patches in his coat, causing the fur to fall out, and making him itch. We couldn’t bear to watch him go through the ongoing discomfort, and to our frustration, we struggled to find a successful remedy. Little did we know, all it would take was a simple switch… Raw was the answer.

It all happened by chance, but we’ve never looked back.

We couldn’t believe the difference in Monty when we returned home. Monty’s skin was beginning to heal, and his coat was regaining its shine. All thanks to our friends and their commitment to raw feeding.

The proof was in the pudding, as they say.

I only wish we had known sooner! No more annual summer visits to the vet or unwanted bills for skin flare ups… Plus all kinds of new positives to enjoy – including less poop to scoop!

Raw has been truly revolutionary for us. Eight years on, our favorite four-legged friend, Monty, is now 13 years old and healthier and happier than ever before.

As great advocates of raw feeding, our mission is to share what’s possible when you make the switch. We believe in making raw more accessible and streamlined for everyone, which is why Top Dog brings you simplicity at its finest, supporting dog lovers in New England, just like us.

Richard Gordon, Director