About Us

Top Dog Food & Supply is the exclusive distributor for Carnos in New England.

We were founded in 2020 and are based in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Our mission at Top Dog Food & Supply is to provide pet owners with the highest quality raw food that’s both affordable and accessible.

To make our mission a reality, we commit to giving you:

🦴 A fun and friendly website for you to experiment, engage in, and educate yourself when it comes to the positives of all things raw

🦴 Access to the highest quality raw food products

🦴  Pricing that makes it simple to get started with raw feeding and maintain as a permanent lifestyle change in the future

🦴  The choice and convenience of customizing how, when and where you want your order to be delivered

With wellbeing at the heart of everything we do, our goal is to help empower raw feeders to nurture healthy and happy dogs.

A local business born out of friendship.

Here we are. Right on your doorstep.

From the corporate world to all things canine…

Top Dog Food & Supply

Our “Founding Dog-fathers” (Richard & Dennis) met 15 years ago when Richard first moved to the US, friends ever since, they bonded over a shared love for squash, cocktail hour, and blissful New England life.

Richard (our self-confessed “petrol head”) is an ex-pat from Scotland and a long-time resident of Fairfield County. He spent 39 years at IBM, traveling worldwide in various executive positions until Top Dog was born in 2020. When Richard isn’t at the warehouse, this cigar-lover is most likely in the driver’s seat, embracing the great outdoors, tinkering on the latest DIY project at home, or spoiling his two gorgeous grandkids (although some might argue he doesn’t look old enough)!

Dennis (think lovable Newfoundland) is a dad to three daughters (no grandkids… because he’s clearly not old enough), a keen sports enthusiast, and a coach! He worked on Wall Street in financial services, c. 1982, as a government bond trader and portfolio manager. In addition to real estate finance and investment, focusing on multi-family properties. Now Dennis spends most of his days on the golf course alongside traveling. Although he admits there’s no place quite like the culture, climate, and change of seasons you find in New England. Dennis also loves being so close to Boston & NYC.

As firm believers, we own the responsibility for the lives, health, and happiness of our closest companions. Together, Richard & Dennis have paired their business backgrounds with their passion for raw feeding and its real health benefits. Making it our business to help your pups thrive by giving fellow dog owners in our local community (and across New England) this accessible, affordable choice.

Our story started over 7 years ago with Richard’s beloved Monty and his legacy now continues with you.