Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Raw Feeding

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Raw Feeding

Why Raw? Try Raw.

Undecided but still curious? Let us guide you towards an informed choice that's right for you, build your confidence in raw feeding, and overcome any hurdles that have been stopping you until now. Indulge us as we cover our top 5 reasons to switch to raw feeding, then it’s over to you to give it a go.

1. Feed w/ Benefits

We believe the benefits speak for themselves and remain the core reason why raw feeding is continuing to grow in such great popularity. In our Top 10 Benefits of a Raw Diet blog we explore and share the supporting research behind these winning raw results in more detail:
  1. Shiny Coat & Happy Skin
  2. Immunity-Boosting
  3. Good Gut Health & Less Poop to Scoop
  4. Hello Clean Teeth, Goodbye Bad Breath
  5. Less Allergies
  6. Fit Physique
  7. Best Behaviour 
  8. Healthy Weight 
  9. More Mobility
  10. Renewed Energy
Talk about a strong argument for adopting raw as the most health-giving lifestyle choice for your pet and more importantly, sticking with it. Whatever your reason, it’s always worth making that first step and getting started.

2. Before & After

The success of raw feeding is truly built on real people sharing their own inspirational stories from authentic, personal experiences. Surely there’s no better encouragement for making the switch than these transformative testimonials:

‘Do it! If you are interested in health for yourself, you realize that it’s just as important for your four-legged friend.’ – Anette Tretow

‘I only wish we had known sooner! No more annual summer visits to the vet due to seasonal allergies (resulting from the change in weather), or unwanted bills for skin flare-ups… Plus all kinds of new positives to enjoy – including less poop to scoop!’ – Monty’s Story

‘The impact of feeding to nourish and heal with raw food is immeasurable and non-negotiable. I would not breed or own dogs if I couldn’t dedicate a portion of their food bowl to raw and fresh.’ – Salty Dog Frenchies

‘I came across Top Dog Food & Supply, spoke to them several times and was convinced raw was the right choice, (and Top Dog being the right choice for a supplier). Addy has been on a raw diet from the day I brought him home.’ – Adirondack

‘I’ve seen a raw diet improve the health of so many dogs over the years. I’ve seen improvement in gut health, coat condition and dental health. I’ve seen arthritis and muscle tone improve. The list is endless. I’ve seen dogs dealing with cancer have extra time by including a raw diet into the protocol. Weaning a puppy onto raw is the only choice for me. I want the best start for my pups and raw is the way to do it. With so many things capable of plaguing our pets nowadays, feeding a species-appropriate diet is one easy thing we can do as owners to give them a head-start on health.’ – Francalia Retrievers

Raw feeding has grown from strength to strength due to its loyal supporters – changing the future of how we feed our pets, one loving home at a time. Now it’s your turn!

3. Kibble vs. Raw

Sure, so dry food might seem like the quick, easy option. What’s not to love about pouring straight from the packet, right? However, raw feeding is an investment in your pet’s health and your future happiness. It’s highly bioavailable, supporting digestion and absorption of almost all the immune-boosting nutrients – equalling less waste (win-win) because the majority of what your pups eat is being fully utilized. Compared to starch-rich kibble which promotes inflammation, lacks nutrients, and requires surplus energy to extract any goodness. Go for gut health!

In the dog world there’s a saying that goes, ‘friends don’t let friends feed kibble’…

Making the switch from kibble to a raw diet has been the catalyst for several Top Dogs in our community whose owners have done their research and decided to go with “the better choice” for their pups.

Truth is that the benefits hugely outweigh the additional few minutes involved to get raw feed ready as opposed to dealing with dry kibble. Often people get worried about how much to feed with raw. With kibble, there’s normally a picture on the back saying how many scoops they need based on their size. Once you know what to do, it’s simple. It’s the same with raw, you very quickly work out just how much to give your dog.

4. Simple Starting Steps

So, you want to switch your pup to a raw diet, but how do you go about it? It can initially feel very overwhelming, so if that's how you're feeling - you're not alone! There are two main schools of thought on this...

  1. Gradual Transition: where you gradually mix raw food with your pets' current diet.
  2. Cold Turkey: where you simply switch your pups' food from one day to the next. This approach can cause some changes in their stool initially, which is to be expected as they adapt to their new diet. However, due to this, the Cold Turkey method is more often used by those who feel confident with raw feeding.

Whichever way you choose to make the switch is entirely up to you, you know your dog the best, so go with your own confidence levels and what feels right. We are always here to support you and help provide the healthiest, happiest lives imaginable for your pets by fuelling them with food that’s designed to help them thrive.

The Gradual Transition The Cold Turkey

5. Why Choose Top Dog?

Top Dog Food & Supply are a local business born out of friendship and our “Founding Dog-fathers” Richard & Dennis have paired their business backgrounds with their passion for raw feeding and its real health benefits. Our story started over 7 years ago with Richard’s beloved Monty and his legacy now continues with you. Making it our business to help your pups thrive by giving fellow dog owners in our local community (and across New England) this accessible, affordable choice.

Our team work hard to maintain low prices – keeping us competitive and offering flexible delivery and pick up options. Enabling you to get high quality raw dog food direct at irresistible wholesale prices, saving you valuable time and money!

It's not just the raw dog food that has its benefits… we offer more opportunities to save with our Top Dog Loyalty Program (earn points for every dollar spent with us), Referral Program and Subscribe & Save. Our mission to add value for our Top Dog community is also encompassed in our more educational and experimental projects like: Recipe of the Month (watch out for these in your next order), wealth of new blog topics and newsletter features collaborating with the likes of Salty Dog Frenchies, Francalia Retrievers and Dog Friendly Finds CT. Giving you all the raw inspiration, you could ever wish for!

Remember to click ‘subscribe’, skip the stores, and start enjoying simplicity at its finest with Top Dog Food & Supply.

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