Adirondack (Addy for short)

Adirondack (Addy for short)

Tell us a little about you and your four-legged friend/s.

Adirondack, (Addy for short), came to me as a puppy from a breeder/veterinarian in New Bedford, MA. He is two years old. I had lost my other two Cattledogs the prior year one succumbing to cancer. Addy is super smart, so it was easy to train him. He heels off leash and stays within sight of me. This makes it great that he can be a dog that doesn't have to be leashed. He loves his herding ball!


What made you decide to switch to raw feeding?

One thing in particular, was Maxx passing away due to cancer. I had been reading about kibble not being the best type of food for our 4 legged friends. Knowing I was getting Addy in a few weeks I started investigating alternatives. I came across several articles on raw diets. Then I investigated sources. I came across Top Dog Food & Supply, spoke to them several times and was convinced raw was the right choice, (and Top Dog being the right choice for a supplier). Addy has been on a raw diet from the day I brought him home.


What’s been the biggest difference you’ve seen in their health and happiness since feeding raw?

Addy has been a well-adjusted and very happy pup, (he seems to have a perpetual smile on his face!), since he was a tyke. He has no health issues whatsoever and is full of energy.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their raw feeding journey?

Your dog will thank you. If your dog is finicky, try half raw and half of the food you are now feeding your pup. He/she will come around and love it.


What do you love most about being a Top Dog customer?

First the health and happiness of Addy. Second the friendliness and customer service of Top Dog. Third is the delivery schedule and getting to meet the folks. In two years I've never found any unpleasantness or them being late, (usually early to my stop).


What is your pups favorite Top Dog food/treat?

HAHA. Any of them! Beef Heart, Liver, Bones, Pork Heart. He likes the Bully Sticks but plays with them more than anything.


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