Do’s & Don’ts: Thanksgiving Dinner for Dogs

Do’s & Don’ts: Thanksgiving Dinner for Dogs

All the excitement is building for Thanksgiving, plans are made, and plates are poised ready for the dinner that everyone has been waiting for… pups included!


We know how easy it is to get wrapped up in the celebrations and forget to prioritize our four-legged friends (over humans) during the holidays. However, keeping your pup safe comes number one when celebrating in true Top Dog style (as tempting as it is to share tidbits from the table). So, here’s our list of helpful hints for ditching the distraction and focusing on making it fun for everyone. In other words, how not to make a dog’s dinner of your dog’s Thanksgiving dinner!


Despite our unique family traditions and different passed-down dishes, there are still similarities that unite us – Thanksgiving has a beautiful way of bringing us together. It’s no wonder we want to share these special sentiments with our pups! Although the danger comes in not knowing what’s good vs. what could be harmful to our beloved companions.

When it comes to what’s safe to feed your pup this Thanksgiving, ingredients that get the green light include: Turkey (without skin or bones), Cranberries (unsweetened), Corn (off-the-cob), Sweet Potatoes, Plain Potatoes, Peas & Pumpkin, Green Beans, Carrots (all served without butter), and Apples (no core or seeds).

More importantly, this is what to avoid when it comes to dishing up for your dog: Turkey (skin, brine, and cooked bones), Stuffing, Gravy (swap for bone broth), Mashed Potatoes, Mushrooms, Onions/Scallions, Garlic, Cranberry Sauce, Sweeteners (Xylitol), Alcohol, Chocolate, Nuts, Desserts (Pecan/Pumpkin Pie), Fatty Foods, and any added ingredients like Butter, Seasonings (Sage, Nutmeg, etc.) or Marshmallows (Candied Yams).

Thanksgiving Food: What Is Safe For Your Dog?

Our best advice is to stick to your dog’s usual raw diet with the added choice of Thanksgiving-themed proteins, accompaniments, and non-toxic treats. If you don’t normally give your pooch human food, please don’t make Thanksgiving the exception for introducing something potentially harmful to them.

Also, remember to watch those portion sizes… ‘everything in moderation’ is one of the best-kept secrets to steering clear from a troublesome tummy.

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