How To Feed Your Dog Tripe

How To Feed Your Dog Tripe

Can you smell that? Yep, you’re right… It’s tripe!

Tripe can be a really tasty, nutritious addition to our dog’s diet. Despite the smelly aroma that comes with it, health benefits ooze from this chewy stomach lining treat.

Is tripe healthy for my dog?

If you’ve got a fussy eater in the pack, tripe can be a super easy way of getting heaps of nutrients added to their meal. Although it can be rather stinky to us humans, that smell makes it super palatable for our pooches. Yay! No more pushing dinner around the bowl with that twitching nose.

For those with sensitive tummies, tripe can be a wag-tastic choice as it contains healthy bacteria and probiotics that aid digestion and give the immune system a boost.

Is tripe a complete meal?

No, tripe isn’t a complete meal for your pup. Despite it being a nutrient su-paw-star, tripe misses some key vitamins and minerals needed for your dog’s diet to be considered complete. Try adding it to existing meals for a healthy kick or to add some encouragement for those who tend to go off their food from time to time.

How much tripe should I feed my dog?

You can feed tripe to your dog as often as you like. Just make sure you work it into your calorie calculations… Tripe is a lean option, but it’s still important to feed in limited quantities to avoid any accidental weight gain!

When looking at the ratio in your dog’s bowl, tripe should fall into the muscle meat percentage, so be sure to not drop any of the other essential parts that make the meal balanced. If you’re a little unsure about the ins and outs of what your dog’s bowl should look like, check out our previous FAQs blog here.

Is tripe expensive?

Tripe can be a really affordable way of adding a ton of vitamins and minerals to your dog’s menu, so it can be a terrific option when it comes to making sure your dog is healthy, without breaking the bank.

Oh, wait! Did we mention that our Green Tripe Ground is a quarter of the price compared to that of our established, local competitors! We think that’s pretty good bang for your bark! So take a look below at some of our tripe A-listers in the spotlight…

Air Dried Green Beef Tripe

This tempting treat can be a great option that provides the same nutritious benefits of tripe, without the stink! Thankfully, these green beef tripe pieces do not have the same strong odor as other raw forms available due to the air-drying process.

Green Tripe Ground

Ground tripe can be a fantastic choice when it comes to adding variety to your fur baby’s existing meals. Not only do you have complete control over portion size (as the meat is ground, rather than chunks), but for those who are trying to make mealtimes more appealing for their picky pup, it’s easy to mix in with the rest of the bowl, too!

Lamb Tripe Ground

Or why not try our seasonal lamb offering? Rest assured, it’s packed with the same nutrients as beef tripe!

Beef with Tripe Prey Model Raw (PMR)

If you want to incorporate tripe into your dog’s diet without the fuss, this option could be the answer! We’ve done the messy part for you and included tripe in one of our prey model raw (PMR) mixes.

We LOVE Tripe

If you couldn't already tell, we’re pretty big fans of tripe around here. Bursting with nutrients and effortless to feed, this smelly organ is barking with benefits that are too good not to fetch! So give it a go and let us know how YOU choose to feed it to your four-legged friend… Bone Appètit!

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