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Got The Kibble Itch? Make The Switch. Go Raw: How-To Transition Your Dog To A Raw Diet

Planning a road trip is always fun, you have your route mapped out, your dream destination in mind and those all-important emergency supplies should you hit a bump in the road. Transitioning to raw feeding should be no different.
Starting Point
As with most things, doing your research and being prepared will ensure you have the strongest foundation to build on. Our guide to making the switch is designed to help ditch the overwhelm and explain things in a way that feels both fool-proof and familiar so that you can hit the ground running.
Everyone has their unique starting point when it comes to transitioning to feeding raw. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, instead, it is about finding out what works for your pet and tailoring everything else around your lifestyle and specific needs. Whether you have an allergy-prone pup, picky eater, or a senior dog set in their ways, we want to work alongside you to achieve the best possible outcome long term.
The Switch
Rushing very rarely leads to success. We believe it’s far better to take your time than treating the transition as a race to the finish line. Transitioning your dog at a steady pace allows them to gradually adjust to the idea and get a real taste for it. Making the switch more seamless for everyone involved and avoiding unwanted side effects.
Once you have gathered all the everyday essentials (we are talking stainless steel bowls, etc.), grab the scales and make sure you have done the math! For everything you need to know about how much to feed (based on your pet’s body weight) check out the Getting Started section of our website.
Despite the different schools of thought around how-to swap your dog’s existing diet for something species-appropriate, we believe “cold turkey” is best and recommend fasting your pup for 12-24 hours (except diabetic dogs or puppies). Remember to always provide fresh drinking water while fasting. Essentially this helps to remove any toxins and cleanse the gut of processed food to prepare the digestive system before introducing raw food.
We understand how intimidating the endless choice can be to begin with, which is why we have created our Starter Pack especially with you in mind. Our introduction to HVM (healthy variety mixes) includes a selection of beef, chicken, and turkey – the perfect blend of ground protein, bones, and organs (plus 10% fruits and veggies)! Our Top Dog team has chosen what we believe to be the simplest and smoothest transition into raw feeding for both you and your dog. Our grass-fed green tripe is also packed with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and gut-friendly bacteria to aid healthy digestion. Making this the optimal way to feed your dog during the initial 7-10 day transition phase.
Simply start your first day by feeding either green tripe or one of the proteins (ideally chicken) from our Starter Pack twice daily or as recommended for puppies. Continue with this same protein for one week, then after the first 7 days, you can begin to introduce different proteins. We also suggest adding a few duck feet and sardines for an extra nutritional boost if using this blend for puppies.
Another helpful tip is to keep note of how much your dog is eating, any stool changes (color, quality, consistency, and frequency), and whether there are any changes in behavior throughout this changeover process. Allow two to three weeks for your dog to complete their transition to raw. Some pets with dietary issues may require longer than this.
Once you have bossed the basics, there is always the temptation of trying out our PMR (prey model raw) range and graduating to the ever-growing global community of DIY raw feeders. Great fun and ideal for anyone interested in taking their raw journey to the next level with a beneficial rotation of proteins from both feeding models.
Cheeky Curveball
Change can bring surprises. There are so many common concerns when transitioning to a raw diet that can thankfully be overcome and resolved with the right investigation and know-how. Often these side effects and worrying symptoms such as appetite loss, loose stools, and so on have a simple solution yet force us to consider giving up prematurely. Before you throw in the towel, browse our FAQs and if you’re still looking for the answers, our team is always here to help:
Hello Finish Line
Congratulations, you made it! Perseverance and patience always win. Deciding to feed raw is the first step towards making a lasting, positive impact on your dog’s health. It takes a bold move and forward-thinking to be the new Top Dog in town. Rest assured, it’s normal to feel nervous and have your doubts (especially in a world dominated by dry dog food). Now that the scary part is over… you’re ready to set off on your real, raw adventure.
Our Top Dog team is proud to be on this journey alongside you, providing an affordable, no-fuss approach to nurturing your pet for years to come. Here’s to helping your dog live the happiest and healthiest life imaginable!

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