Foolproof Festive Season: Thanksgiving Tips for Preparing Anxious Pups

Foolproof Festive Season: Thanksgiving Tips for Preparing Anxious Pups

Fancy more fool-proof ideas to surviving the festive season? We’ve gathered our favorite suggestions to combat avoidable anxiety for both you and your pup at this (sometimes overwhelming) time of year:

Banquet Boundaries:

Guarantee a stress-free feeding frenzy by sharing the ground rules with your guests that there’s no scraps from the table for your pup. Instead, you can plan and prepare their very own dog-safe Thanksgiving dinner or tempting treats for family to take part and spoil them.

Raw Recipes: 

Need inspiration? Get creative and try out our dog-friendly mini pumpkin pies or embrace all things turkey and make it a true Top Dog Thanksgiving! Topped with digestion-aiding bone broth inspired by Salty Dog Frenchies.

Safe Space:

Lastly, create a calm, quiet sanctuary where your pup can retreat from the family and buzz of festivities if/when your full house all gets too much. Think cozy and comforting with access to everything they need (including you at regular intervals).

Pup Protection: 

Be over-prepared to save yourself stress… Double check your dog is wearing a collar with ID tag (especially if travelling) and keep those microchips up-to-date. Have the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and your vet’s phone number close at hand. Remove access to tempting trash! For safety, make sure your pup isn’t left unsupervised with children.

Make Memories:

Think about mental enrichment activities to keep your furry friend entertained. Food-based options like a frozen-filled KONG, decorated Lickimat, or long-lasting air dried treats and meaty bones are ideal. Perhaps introduce a new play toy for family to get involved, or puzzle feeder to pass the time. Remember to set aside a slot for some exercise and go for a walk or game of fetch before your guests arrive.


Now, grab your Thanksgiving pants and snuggle up with your thankful Top Dog to watch this year’s National Dog Show (or be the first to spot Beagle Scout Snoopy make his Macy’s Day Parade debut).

We’d like to share our gratitude for you, our wonderful community of dedicated raw feeders and your floofy counterparts (of course!) Happy Thanksgiving from our bountiful raw bowl to yours!

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