First Day Of School: Raw Dog Food

First Day Of School: Raw Dog Food

Are you a newbie to raw feeding your dog? Have you made the switch to raw? You might have some burning questions: Is raw dog food safe? (yes, it is!) Which raw dog food is best? When should you feed dogs raw meat? The list goes on…

One thing we can assure you of is that you’ve made the best choice for your pet. Whether you’ve got a budding puppy on your hands, or a more senior member of the pack, it’s never too late to benefit from raw. So, grab your notepads and pens because it’s the first day of school! *woof* Even if you’ve been raw feeding for a while, it’s never a bad idea to freshen up on the nitty gritty bits…

You know what they say… Failure to prepare is preparing to fail! So we’ve rounded up some must-haves to make raw feeding as easy as 1, 2, 3!


When dealing with raw meat, it’s important to be mindful of safe handling, storage, and cleaning. We’d always recommend a pair of good-quality metal bowls that are easy to clean in the sink or pop in the dishwasher.


Portion control should be a top priority for anyone with a fur baby, raw feeder or otherwise! Make sure you have a set of working scales so you can weigh out the right amount of food for your four-legged friend.

Top Dog Food & Supply Feeding Chart for dogs up to 75lbs in weight

Top Dog Food & Supply Feeding Chart for dogs above 75lbs in weight

The Right Blend

You’ve got the best bowls to feed your pup raw food, and the scales to make sure you’re feeding the right amount, but what about the food you’re weighing? To be sure that you’re getting off to the right start, take some time to look at what’s in the mix you’re thinking of feeding your dog. Any blends that include bone, organs, and good quality protein meats are great for getting off the starting line. We’ve put together a "starter pack" that we think is paw-fest for beginning your raw journey. 

Freezer Space & Tupperware

We’ve all been there, whether you’ve had your delivery of HVM or you’ve prepped a batch of your own mix, you open the freezer door to find there’s not quite enough room to fit it all in! And then begins the freezer cull process… Avoid having to thaw food early or throw perfectly good freezer foods in the trash by ensuring there’s enough room on delivery day for your dog’s meals. We find marking the calendar a suuuper helpful way to just keep it on the radar.

P.S. Good quality Tupperware or vacuum seal freezer bags can also help maximize space in the freezer!

There we have it! Some really quick and easy tips that can make dog parenting life even easier when it comes to raw feeding goodness. Keep it up for a few weeks and it’ll become second nature, and your pup will thank you for it.

Class dismissed! 

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