Fish for Dogs: The Lowdown

Fish for Dogs: The Lowdown

Is it us, or does something smell a bit fishy around here?

We all know the ‘meaty’ benefits of raw feeding our pups when it comes to land animal proteins, but what about seafood? For some of us, there’s an ocean of questions when it comes to incorporating fish into our dog's diet. What fish is good for dogs? Are fish skins safe for dogs? How much fish should dogs have? The list goes on. Well, keep reading, as we’re going to oh-fishially clear up some of those questions for you in this blog.

Not only can dogs eat fish, but they should eat fish! Lots of different vitamins and minerals are naturally packed into seafood, so you can rest assured both you and your pup will get your bang for your buck when it comes to feeding your dog all types of fish. Vitamins D, A, B2, B3, B12 can all be found in seafood, as well as iodine, which is great for particularly active pups.

It’s no sea-cret that omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are vital to maintaining a healthy heart and a strong immune system, and fish has these in bucket loads. Not only that, but those essential fatty acids can reduce inflammation and promote brain function, too!

But how much fish can dogs eat? That depends on which fish we’re talking about and how it’s being fed to your four-legged friend. If you’re using fishy treats as rewards during training, there’s likely a little more wiggle room in the quantity in which you can feed these to your dog (just be mindful that treats are additional calories to their main meals!) If you’re feeding fish as a complete meal (which you should be), then it’s important to stay within the usual parameters as you would with land meat meals.

There’s one kind of fish that is a particular favorite of ours here at Top Dog. Not only does it deliver essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals in abundance, but it’s also a frequent winner for the tastebuds, too (even our fussiest hounds love it!). And as if that wasn’t enough, this fishy variety is packed with protein to keep your four-legged friend fuller for longer and promote muscle recovery. Which fish are we talking about? SALMON, of course!

The golden rules of raw feeding still apply when it comes to giving your dog fish. Remember: variety, variety, variety! Including fish in your dog’s overall meal plan is not only a great choice for their health, but also for their taste buds. Seafood can be a quick win when it comes to switching up your dog’s mealtimes, the added health benefits are a bonus! Any fish we can eat as humans, your pup can eat too… Just make sure you keep a balance between all proteins when planning your fur baby’s bowl contents.

Why not make seafood fun, too?! Try this wag-tastic sardine ice cube recipe inspired by Salty Dog Frenchies to keep your pup cool in the warmer summer months.

Top Dog Food & Supply Seafood Ice Cubes

Whether you’re thinking of using seafood as a way of rewarding your pup or making it one of their main protein sources, we’re sure you’ll get along swimmingly. The waves of fishy benefits cannot be denied, so either way, your pup will thank for you it.

Just keep swimming!

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