Top Dog Turns Wild & Three

Top Dog Turns Wild & Three

It’s Time to Paw-ty!

April is a bumper celebration month for us! Not only does Top Dog turn three (pup, pup, hooray!) It’s also National Raw Feeding Week April 1-7… a chance to celebrate all things raw feeding and spread the word on the health-boosting benefits of a species-appropriate diet for a happier and healthier pet.


Good Things Come in Threes

When it comes to deciding to feed your pet raw there is plenty to chew over especially when embarking on the raw feeding journey for the very first time.

Chances are, just like us, you may have been asked by friends and family, ‘why raw?’ So, we’ve chosen three reasons why we love raw feeding that might resonate with you too. Why not spread the word about Top Dog with your pooch-loving pals and share these points, along with your valuable raw feeding experience.

1. Au Naturel 

Over the centuries, pet diets have evolved as our furry friends have become more domesticated. Switching your pet to a raw diet, typically made up of bone, meat and organs, alongside seasonal fruit and vegetables, is essentially returning to their roots and mirroring the diets of their ancestors. Not only does a raw diet provide everything their body needs in rich abundance, but this primal way of eating is biologically appropriate and promotes a whole host of health benefits, providing a natural way to thrive at every stage of life.

    2. A Priceless Investment 

    Raw feeding is a long-term investment into your pet’s health and though it might feel like a little extra work to start with, the health benefits far outweigh the convenience of kibble and once you have made the switch it won’t be long till you are reaping the raw rewards and hopefully enjoying fewer vet bills too. We don’t want budget to stand in the way of your pup living its best life and that’s why we are committed to ensuring affordable, wholesale prices without compromising the quality of our ingredients.

    3. Happy Pet = Happier You

    Our pets are very much part of our family and when they are healthy and happy we all feel better. From improving digestion and skin conditions to a glossier coat, stronger immune system and even better-smelling breath! A raw diet can make a miraculous difference and is bursting with benefits, you can also tailor meals to your pet’s dietary needs – because we know our pets are as unique as we are.


    Wild & Three

    The Top Dog family has come a long way since our humble beginnings, a local business born out of friendship and inspired by original Top Dog, to now supplying thousands of bowlfuls of our nutrient-rich raw food every month to your four-legged friends. We’ve expanded our delivery service across New England to reach even more homes and have kept community at our core by championing canine welfare with our charity work.

    From the smallest pups to towering Great Danes and even our feline friends in between. It’s our privilege to cater for your beloved pets and their nutritional needs, by delivering a high-quality, affordable, and accessible raw range - crafted with the very best, fresh, ingredients that you can trust.

    We are proud of how far we’ve come and the raw feeding legacy we are creating, but we couldn’t have done any of it without you and your cherished pets, who are and always will be at the heart of everything we do.

    That’s why we have created the Top Dog Loyalty Scheme as our gift to you and staying true to our mission to keep our range as affordable and accessible as possible! Earn points for every dollar spent with us, and earn extra points for following us on Instagram, or sharing us on Facebook!


     A ‘Rawsome’ Holiday!

    National Raw Feeding Week, takes place every April and was founded by Kimberly Gauthier in 2018 as an opportunity to unite the raw feeding community, raise awareness of this growing movement and celebrate and educate on the benefits of feeding raw. The virtual event draws together raw feeders from across the globe, inviting them to share their experience on social media, alongside industry experts and pet professionals offering insights and helpful resources online.


    Over to You

    Finally, you’ve heard our story, and we want to hear yours! Whether you’ve been with us since day one or are new to the Top Dog pack. From transformed skin conditions, health breakthroughs, or fewer vet visits, your raw feeding milestones matter to us and we love hearing about your experience. So why not put your paws to paper and share the good news? 

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