Carnos: Your Questions Answered About the Top Quality Dog Food Rebrand

Carnos: Your Questions Answered About the Top Quality Dog Food Rebrand

As many of our customers will know, the majority of our food and treats are supplied by Top Quality Dog Food. This week, they have had an exciting new rebrand! Top Quality Dog Food is now known as Carnos. We wanted to share some information incase you guys had any questions... 


Why the rebrand?

Top Quality Dog Food have witnessed a huge shift in the pet food market over the past several years and want to make sure they’re staying competitive. They know they have the best quality product out there, but felt they needed upgraded branding to match. After 17 years in business, it was time they gave themselves a makeover. The owners and the ethos of the company have not changed, and neither have their production processes or products. 


While their appearance may be changing, the meat of who they are remains the same.

  • Carnos are still an independent, family-owned business. No investors, no outside influence, just them.
  • They still manufacture our products in-house in their facility in Maryland, and still have sky-high standards for food safety and quality.
  • They still pride themselves in producing the highest quality meat-based products to help customers feed a truly raw diet.


New Product Names

The biggest change for our Top Dog customers, is going to be the name change of our two best-selling raw blends. We'd like to assure you that these products are remaining entirely the same in terms of ingredients and production process. This is purely a name change! 

  • PMR is becoming Truly Raw Base mixes
  • HVM is becoming Variety Blend recipes

Again, the ingredients in these products that you know and love will remain the same - they have just had a name and packaging refresh!


We hope you'll enjoy seeing the new Carnos packaging in the coming weeks! If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on 203-345-0350 🐾


Jessica Owen

Not really liking the name re-branding at all! Top dog implies high quality— there are other companies with inferior products using a similar name, Carna4 is an example. As a breeder, when I recommend TopDog- that’s not easily confused with inferior products with similar a name. Now I may will be getting questions as to whether I mean Carna4 or not- oh well. Folks may well be wondering if you’ve been taken over by another company with inferior practices. and WHY change the product names!?! HVM now called something else? WHY!? I just wish you had done a consumer survey before the name change! Tried and true is usually best..IMO

Jessica Owen

Would you tell me where your meat is source from? (Usa/feed lots,etc. ) Is it human grade. Is it hpp?
Thank you.

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