Gift Ideas For Your Dog's Birthday

Gift Ideas For Your Dog's Birthday

Getting ready for your pup’s birthday? Or maybe you’re approaching your fur baby’s gotcha day? Exciting times! Whatever the occasion, we believe they deserve a treat. After all, they bring so much joy to our lives, so why not take the opportunity to give them something back?

Sure enough, we’ve rounded up some paw-some gift ideas to celebrate your four-legged friends when that special date comes around.

Duck Feet Treats 

Duck feet are re-bark-able favorites for the whole pack! These air-dried treats are made without the use of smoke, preservatives, chemicals, or high heat. We’re certain these could be a strong contender year in, year out.

Beef Knuckle Bones 

How about a longer-lasting treat that can keep your fur baby satisfied beyond the big day? We have the purrrfect answer for you… These beef knuckles are not only scrumptious for your doggo, but they are also wag-tastic for dental hygiene!

Renegade Pup Treats

One word… Yummy! You can treat your pup with these organic, homemade treats from Renegade Pup Treats, without the worry of whether or not they should really be eating them. Human-grade and made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients, you can be confident that just as much goodness is going on on the inside as there is on the outside.

Venjenz Detox Formula 

You know what they say… Health is wealth! This micronized formula from Venjenz will give your pup a new lease on life. QRF Detox K9 works day in, day out, to keep your pet toxin-free and to revitalize the natural detoxification organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Green Eggs Natural Joint Support 

If this isn’t your dog’s first run around the block and they’ve seen many birthdays before, maybe you want to add something into the mix that could help them see the next one in comfortably…

This fantastic offering from our friends at Four Leaf Rover is full to the brim with nutritious ingredients designed to help them through their senior years with improved joint mobility, healthier skin, and lots more!

Let’s Mark The Occasion

Treats are scrumptious, for sure! But what about something homemade? Think all singing, all dancing tiered raw cakes, or maybe a batch of ‘pupcakes’ to tickle those tastebuds. Check out our recent recipe video and try it yourself, so the whole pack can celebrate Top Dog style!

If your fur babies are anything like ours, we can bet your bottom dollar they have a favorite place they like to go out exploring! Or a particular pet store they just can’t get enough of… If you haven’t already, why not adopt a tradition that both you and your best fur-end can look forward to year in, year out?

The Countdown Is On…

So there we have it… A bunch of ideas that will make your pup’s day extra special. Which one do you think your dog would love the most? Oh… and where’s the paw-ty at?!

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