Bovine Colostrum


Four Leaf Rover Bovine Colostrum is a powdered form of bovine first milk. Colostrum supports the immune system through seasonal allergies and autoimmune conditions.

  • Seasonal allergy support: Colostrum can be used to help soothe skin-related issues often linked to seasonal allergies
  • Promotes a healthy gut: Bovine Colostrum can help maintain proper gut health and supports normal bowel function. 
  • Ethically raisedOur colostrum is shared with the calves so they get the same benefits as your dog. It is also grass-fed, antibiotic and growth hormone-free.

This highly nutritious powdered milk can be added to your dog’s food on a daily basis or it can be applied topically to promote healthy skin.

PRODUCT FACTS Active Ingredients per 1/4 tsp (550 mg):

rBGH-free Bovine Colostrum ... 550mg

Inactive Ingredients: None (No preservatives, fillers, binders, or added flavorings)