Molly Golden Retriever Kimberly Meuse Watercolors


Tell us a little about you and your four-legged friend/s.

Molly was a rescue from the China meat markets. We adopted her from the Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue in Hudson, MA in early 2018. She was a year and a half old and very skinny. We’d never had a Golden before and were thrown by her size (she’s a big girl!) but we’ve never had such a loving and lovable pup as Molly before. She’s now six years old and going strong after two bouts with mast cell cancers last year. Fingers crossed and with good food she’ll stick around with us for at least another six years!


What made you decide to switch to raw feeding?

Better food choice than kibble.


What’s been the biggest difference you’ve seen in their health and happiness since feeding raw?

She’s always had this diet with us, so we just see the healthy happy side of her (the cancers were unrelated to diet).


What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their raw feeding journey?

Just do it!


What do you love most about being a Top Dog customer?

Friendly staff.

Top Dog Food & Supply provides reasonably priced, high quality product for my dog’s diet. The raw ingredients (my dog loves the Beef, Pork, and Turkey HVM varieties) give her a well-rounded meal to keep her active, healthy, and fit. 

Top Dog delivers her meals to a designated location near our home for easy pick up. They make this trek several times a month so I can pick and choose what date suits my schedule and her needs best. I recently had the opportunity to stop by the warehouse in CT to meet the owners and staff who were very accommodating and friendly, showing me their well-run and clean environment. I highly recommend their product!

What is your pups favorite Top Dog food/treat?

Beef Healthy Variety Mix.

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