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Green tripe is an excellent addition to your feeding routine. Our ground green beef tripe is made with 100% USDA Inspected and Approved Human-Grade beef and should be combined with other ingredients to create a balanced diet. Available in 1-pound, 2-pound, and 5-pound portions. Suitable for both dogs and cats. 

Tripe is a natural source of manganese, which is commonly deficient in homemade diets. Manganese supports joint, ligament, and tendon health. When using tripe as the sole source of animal-based manganese, approximately 15-20% of the diet is required. Tripe is higher in fat and has a balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio which can be useful in professionally formulated diets for kidney support. However, it is not a sufficient source of calcium alone. Green tripe naturally gives off a strong odor which dogs love, while cats may not.

General Analysis

Moisture (max)
Crude Protein (min)
Crude Fiber (max)
Crude Fat (min)
Calories 2,145 Kcal/Kg
Calcium 0..22%
Phosphorus (min)


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