Goldens & Irish Wolfhound

Tell us a little about you and your four-legged friend/s.

Multiple Golden Retrievers of all ages, and one Irish Wolfhound. Beautiful, smart, easy to train, kindly, noble, loyal.


What made you decide to switch to raw feeding?

I supplemented with raw from day one and switched to raw about 30 years ago when one of my dogs had a mast cell tumor.


What’s been the biggest difference you’ve seen in their health and happiness since feeding raw?

Clean teeth. Longevity. Lack of odor. Better poops.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their raw feeding journey?



What do you love most about being a Top Dog customer?

Ease of ordering and friendly service.


What is your pups favorite Top Dog food/treat?

Dried Tripe is their favorite treat. They love all the meat and bones, but probably like Duck Frames and Ground Green Tripe the best.

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