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Top Dog Adds Two New Truck Stop Delivery Points

January 20, 2021

Top Dog Food and Supply

Announces New Service in Providence, RI and Worcester, MA

Top Dog Adds Two New Truck Stop Delivery Points

Stratford, CT— January 20, 2021Top Dog announced that beginning in February, it would begin delivering its raw dog food and treat products to the Providence and Worcester areas.  Starting immediately, customers will be able to select Providence and Worcester stops to pick up their orders on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month.  

“We continue to try improving our customer service by making it easier to buy our products. By adding more delivery points, customers will find it more convenient to get their dog food,” said Dennis Boyd, Partner/Owner at Top Dog.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have been driving great distances in Rhode Island and Massachusetts locations to pick up their online orders.  By adding the Providence delivery point, customers in the northern part of Rhode Island and southeastern area of Massachusetts will find it more convenient to pick up their food. The new stop in Worcester will do the same for customers in the central part of Massachusetts.  Top Dog has added six new stops in its commitment to make purchasing their raw dog food products more accessible. Additionally, these new stops open markets that were previously limited simply because it was inconvenient to pick up orders.

“Our dogs love Top Dog’s food. To be able to have Top Dog coming to our  neighborhood is very exciting for us. We are grateful for their fabulous customer service,” said Dana Stephens, a Top Dog customer in the Worcester area.

Product Availability

Product availability and ease of procurement is part of Top Dog’s commitment to serving customers throughout New York and New England.
Founded in January 2021, Top Dog is the exclusive distributor of Top Quality Dog Food in the region.  The company offers a variety of ground proteins including Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Pork, Lamb, Salmon, Goat and Rabbit as well as various animal organs like tripe, liver, heart, lung, and more.  The company also carries Air Dried treats, bully sticks, and bones.  The products are “pure raw” and have no additives, preservatives, or chemicals. The food is not cooked or pasteurized and is considered a species appropriate diet. The company offers this wide range of products at an affordable price on the website: www.TopDogFoodandSupply.com   In addition to their Saturday truck stop delivery points, the company also offers home delivery to most points in Fairfield County, CT for a nominal fee.  UPS also delivers throughout the region for a nominal cost.  Top Dog’s warehouse in Stratford, CT also serves as a pickup point for many local customers.

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