8 Ways to Prep for Winter (for You and Your Pup!)

8 Ways to Prep for Winter (for You and Your Pup!)

The days are beginning to get shorter, the mornings are starting to get colder, and the evenings are getting darker… winter must be coming! But fear not. We’ve pulled together our top tips on preparing for the chillier season, so both you and your pup are ready to face the outdoors, whatever the weather! Grab a hot drink, get comfy, wrap yourself up in a blanket and keep reading to find out more…


1. Have the right attire


    Failing to prepare means preparing to fail! So make sure you’ve got yourself and your pup the right kind of coat for wintery outdoor walks. We would suggest one thicker coat for colder days, and another lighter, waterproof option for the milder wet walks.


    When it comes to buying a coat for your dog, have a browse to ensure that what you’re buying is suitable for them. Some finer-coated and skinnier dogs (think greyhounds, lurchers, whippets, etc!) will need more padding than hounds with thicker, denser coats.


    2. Keep them visible


      The shorter days mean for the early-morning and late-night troopers, it can often be dark outside when they head off on their walks. If this is you and your pooch, try clipping a small light to their collar or harness to ensure they can be seen after sunset (or before sunrise!).


      P.S - for those with dogs that are more adventurous types who struggle to keep things attached to collars, don’t worry! There are full collars of this kind, too.


      3. Check the paws


        Winter can bring all sorts of things to the ground we walk on that aren’t there during the summer months. It’s important to check between your dog’s paw pads to make sure they haven’t got anything uncomfortable stuck in them. Look out for:

        • Snow
        • Ice
        • Salt
        • Grit

        You may want to trim the hairs in between their pads to help prevent these things from getting stuck to them. In extreme weather, dog boots might even be a good option to protect them from the elements!


        4. Know when to keep your dog leashed


          In some circumstances, it’s important to keep your dog under complete control and within close proximity to you. We’ve listed some scenarios below, where it is probably sensible to keep your dog on a leash as they can easily lose their way and become lost and out of sight:

          • Snowstorm
          • High levels of laid snow
          • Intense her paired with rain
          • Around

          5. Stay away from frozen waters

            When you’re out walking, keep yourself and your dog away from large bodies of water that have frozen over… No exceptions! It’s impossible to know how thick and secure the layer of ice on the surface is. We’d recommend that you keep your four-legged friend on a leash until you’re a safe distance away, especially if you’ve got a suspicion that they might be tempted to try and jump in.


            6. Adjust their food if you need to


              There are some doggos out there that love the sunshine and warmer months of the year… The winter? Not so much! Some of our four-legged friends will have to be dragged out the front door as it gets colder and will stay right by our side, counting down the steps until we’re back inside the warmth of home. For these sun worshippers, their activity level will drop during the winter, so it’s important to adjust their food accordingly to prevent any additional weight gain.


              7. Keep their beds cozy


                When we get home after a wet and windy walk, there’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa under a blanket, right?! Well, it’s the same for your fur baby… When you’re pulling off your rain boots, be sure to dry off any wet and muddy hounds so their beds can stay dry and warm.

                8. Enjoy winter!

                  We know winter comes with its dos and don'ts, but there is still so much fun to be had with your pup during this season! Both you and your dog can and should continue to exercise and explore after a quick warm-up (make sure the whole gang has warmed up their muscles before really letting loose!).


                  Everybody has their favorite season, but there are memories to be made all year round, so get out there and make ‘em!





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