Goat Mix

2.0 lb
Size: 2lb Roll
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Our Goat Truly Raw Base is an expertly pre-blended mix that serves as the perfect foundation for a nutritionally well-balanced meal when combined with other ingredients. An all-natural mix of ground goat with bone, and lamb organs consisting of heart, liver, and kidney. This minimal-ingredient and novel protein recipe is perfect for elimination diets. This Truly Raw Base meal is extremely lean and high in bone, and we recommend adding a fatty boneless meat such as our Boneless Ground Turkey to this meal. This meal base should be supplemented to cover common nutritional gaps. Available in 2-pound portions.

Handling Instructions

Keep frozen. Defrost roll in refrigerator and feed within 48 hours. Store excess in an air tight container and keep refrigerated. Do not keep refrigerated for more than 48 hours.