Canine Detox Formula

0.13 lb
Quantity: Single Pack

Naturally keep your dog free of harmful toxins with a daily dose of this patent-pending, 100% naturally sourced, U.S. made gentle effective detox formula. A perfect complement to Canine Immune Formula to keep your dog wildly healthy and naturally disease-resistant for a long, Vital life with you.

*Serving size may be doubled if the dog’s health is compromised.

Canine Detox Formula works on a daily basis to keep your dog toxin-free and to revitalize the natural detoxification organs such as the liver and kidney. In combination with daily supplementation of Canine Immune Formula you can help to assure a toxic-free and immune strong pet.

IMPORTANT: For those of you that are currently using the Canine Immune Formula product we recommend that you also use the Canine Detox Formula product daily as a combination for your dog’s health. Canine Immune Formula boosts the canine immune system and Canine Detox Formula keeps your dog free of toxicity. BOTH of these actions provided by both formulas are recommended for optimal health. Just improving the strength of your dog’s immune system is not enough. Even if the immune system is strong, an accumulation of toxins in the tissues of your dog will eventually negate any immune system strengthening. Just detoxing your dog, although it will help the natural strengthening of the dog’s immune system, it will not optimally strengthen their immune system. So, you should detox your dog on a daily basis while simultaneously improving and maintaining the strength of their immune system. Using both formulas to supplement daily for your dog will give your pet the maximum natural health protection, prevention of illness and longevity for the long term with no side-effects or dangerous synthetics.

How Canine Detox Formula Ingredients Work for Natural Canine Detox ZEOLITE

Canine Detox Formula contains Zeolite, a mineral made of silicon that is well known for attracting and helping to eliminate chemicals and heavy metals from the body and the environment.

Zeolite has been used successfully on a large environmental scale to help with nuclear accident clean up.

For internal human use Zeolite is known to attach and hold chemicals and heavy metals to help eliminate them through the digestive system. Zeolite works the same way for dogs.

Zeolite for human consumption is listed on the Food and Drug Administration’s Generally Accepted As Safe (GRAS) list.

It is VERY important that the right type of cleaned and prepared Zeolite be used for human consumption. Canine Detox Formula contains only the highest grade of specially cleansed and Micronized Zeolite offered as a food supplement.

Zeolite exhibits a “cage” crystalline structure with a negative charge that attracts chemicals and heavy metals that are mostly positively charged and captures these toxins in its cage-like structure whereby the body can then eliminate the Zeolite while safely removing the captured toxins.

Zeolite is a natural combination of volcanic ash and sea water. With a honeycomb- like structure it forms tiny cage-like structures that physically trap heavy metals without removing critical minerals. Animal studies show zeolite to actually improve overall nutrition. Purified zeolite has been shown to help prevent and reverse the growth of cancer cells.

Studies on the effectiveness of Zeolite in the removal of heavy metals from the body:

Large amounts of research have been done on all the possible benefits of detoxing with Zeolite and studies show that Zeolite appears to balance pH within the body, reduce allergies, act as an antioxidant, and aid liver function. Zeolites also appear to help with digestion and, most importantly, they may help remove toxic chemicals and metals from the body.

The benefits of Zeolite have been known in the medical community for many years. They have been used for blood purification and chemotherapy chemical and heavy metal removal. Zeolites supplements have been used to detox the body of lead and also are known to fight diarrhea and many harmful organisms.